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City Girls rapper Yung Miami has been forced to address her fans after a leaked diss track from JT diss track surfaced online. 

In the leaked clip, JT calls Nicki Minaj a "ho." She also weighed in on the Nicki Minaj and Remy Ma beef, before taking a swipe at Cardi B.

But according to Yung Miami, JT was just joking around:

"We were playing around, just freestyling on a beat," Miami told her fans during an Instagram live session. 

"We never thought nobody was going to hear that sh*t. We never thought we were going to be signed. We never thought none of that. We was just playing around. I'm so aggravated y' all. Y'all is just aggravating as f*ck. Y'all wanna end the City Girls so bad, but that ain't gonna happen."

We're sure Nicki won't be too thrilled with being called a "ho" even as a joke on a track.

Oh, dear.