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Love & Hip Hop star Yung Joc is known for having some pretty unorthodox hairstyles - but his newest style has people on social media questioning his gender identity.

Yung Joc went on Instagram Live a few days ago, showing off his new straightened hair - with white/silver highlights. The rapper/reality star Livestreamed as the stylist processed his hair.

Here is Yung Joc at the salon - sitting in the styling chair - and getting his hair done:

Almost immediately after Joc posted the video - his comments were filled with fans asking whether Joc was now a "trans person."

Joc, real name Jasiel Amon Robinson, is a hip hop one hit wonder who created the 2000s mega-hit song "It's Goin' Down". The rapper reinvented himself in 2014, when he joined the VH1 reality series Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta as a supporting cast member.

Joc is currently engaged to a woman, Love & Hip Hop star Kendra Robinson.

Yung Joc had his debut on Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta in 2014. When he resurfaced, he definitely got people's attention... but not necessarily in a good way. If you look up "baby mama drama" in the dictionary, you'll see a selfie of Joc, along with his four former lovers and eight kids. But surprisingly, do you want to know what really gets people talking about the star? His blowout. 

When he decided to wear it straight last year, blogs and Twitter went wild for his silky smooth pressed hair. The look inspired a whole bunch of memes — many of which he embraced — that continue to make people laugh out loud to this day. And his hair still gets a fresh wave of attention every Monday when the show airs. The Game even recently posted a photoshopped version of Joc with a "fried-dyed-laid to the side" version of the style, and Nicki Minaj herself trolled him the comments. Joc, who seems to be a good natured guy, joined in on the fun, too.