As social media rallies to #freetheestallion, Yung Berg has said that he doesn't actually think that Megan Thee Stallion's deal with 1501 Ent. is that bad, and says that even though she was young when she signed the contract -- it isn't an excuse.

"You just got to make sure your legal team is right when you enter these deals and know you're doing big business," he told TMZ. "A lot of artists get into situations where they end up signing contracts and things of that nature without really thoroughly going through the paperwork or whatever. For Meg's situation, I hope everything works out for them. I got love for both parties."

The producer, now known as Hitmaka continued:

"There's no such thing as bad deals when you actually sign the paperwork yourself. You just gotta be well educated, no matter how young you are 'cause this game ain't got no love for nobody," he said. "You see my journey. One minute you up, next thing you down. You know, it's transitions through everything."

Hitmaka added, "She already got a good team. She's got good things going for her. Shout out to Roc Nation. Shout out to all them. I think she's gonna make it through. They'll figure it out. They'll negotiate. It will work out for the best. I believe her people want to put out music. That's how they all going to make music together. Without no music, it ain't no money."

Watch the clip below.