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The current season of Bravo's top-rated show The Real Housewives Of Atlanta is heating up.

On the latest episode, the women were discussing an alleged audio recording of Cynthia Bailey bad-mouthing the other Housewives.

According to the storyline, Yovanna, secretly recorded Cynthia - and then played the tape for Nene and the other housewives.

In fact, on the Bravo blog it was reported that, "When the ladies asked Nene who has the audio of Cynthia, she declined to name any names. "I'm not a snitch," the RHOA cast member said. However, in an interview during the episode, a producer asked Nene, "Is Yovanna the snake?" Nene answered, "Snake is just a, not a nice word, OK? So I wouldn't call her a snake. Is Yovanna the one with information? Yes."

Now, Yovanna is speaking out, and claiming that there was no such recording - it was all just LIES made up by production.

Yovanna went on the TV show Sister Circle Live, and spilled the tea. Watch here:

Here are the cliff notes:

- She never said there was a audio or recording.
- She never recorded anyone. That's not my character, that's not who I am.
- Just because she has receipts, that doesn't mean that's the definition.
- That was a rumor started by the cast - especially Nene.
- Says if there's a recording, she doesn't know about it.
- She wasn't kicked off the show, filmed a few times since Toronto.
- Open to being a main cast member if the pay check is right.
- "Fufu" means the fakest of the fakest. Says the women on the show fits the definition.
- Has watched the show for a while. Notice how the women engaged with each other. Says one minute they're cool, the next they hit below the belt, saying the nastiest things to one another and behind each other's back. Says that's not how she operates with friends.