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Youtuber Jake Paul put his hands on Soulja Boy last week, and Soulja Boy did nothing.

Soulja is riding high after an interview, where he claimed that he had the biggest comeback of 2018 went viral. But Soulja, who made headlines after putting his hands on his ex-girlfriend Nia Riley during a recent episode of 'Marriage Boot Camp: Hip Hop Edition' seemed to not want the same smoke with Jake Paul.

Just last month, Soulja Boy said the following about Jake Paul to TMZ Sports:

"Jake Paul can't beat me in no fight, you know that," Soulja says. "It's really gonna happen though. It's for real."

He then added:

"Jake Paul, you a b*tch."

Soulja claimed that the pair would be going head to head inside a boxing ring - but judging from this video, Soulja doesn't seem too confident in his own abilities.

Although he claimed that he wanted to fight and that he was waiting on paperwork to be sent over, the Youtuber claimed that Soulja's team is stalling - and Soulja can be seen moving away.

You can watch Jake Paul break down the breakdown of their ongoing beef below.