YouTuber Austin Jones has been sentenced to 10 years in prison after he used his huge platform to coerce underage girls into sending him explicit videos.

The Illinois native pleaded guilty back in February to child pornography and his legal team was pushing for a 5-year sentence. According to reports, the 26-year-old singer admitted to reaching out to 30 other girls online before his arrest back in 2017. He told them how to pose, what underwear to wear and even allegedly gave them lines to recite.

Before he was handed his sentence, Jones read an apology letter to his victims.

“I placed a burden on you that you never asked for and never deserved,” Jones said. “My actions undervalued you as a human being and I’m so regretful I made you feel that way. That is not your value as a person. You are worth so much more and I hope you know that.”

Before his arrest, Jones had over 534,000 subscribers on his YouTube channel.