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Popular Youtube blogget Akademiks caught his girlfriend cheating on him with rapper Lil Tracy - so he confronted her on Live.

Akademiks has been dating a nude Instagram model named Angelica Ggx. The two made news last week, when it was reported that the two are expecting a baby together.

Well this week, Akademiks admitted that his girlfriend is "cheating" on him with a rapper named Lil Tracy.

Akademiks claims that Angelica caught him cheating on her - so she decided to get some side d*ck of her own. Angelica and Akademiks still live together, while she sees her side dude - and Akademiks admits to paying the rent on their apartment.

Yesterday, the Youtuber decided to bring his GF on Live and confront her about her relationship with Young Tracy. The video is extremely cringeworthy.

Here is the video:

And for those that are interested, here's Lil Tracy:

Akademiks is a popular Youtube blogger and Twitch streamer. He's also a host on Complex' popular video series Everyday Struggle.

It seems as if Akademiks has been going through it recently...he had to vehemently deny that he is not the confidential informant snitching on Tekashi69 and his former Tr3yway affiliates, but he is still catching severe slander.

Reports say that Joe Budden tried to warn him.

Despite making the case he was not singing like a bird to the feds, the internet is still dragging him up and down their timelines. Twitter has already made up its mind and thinks 1/3 of the Everyday Struggle crew is either a snitch or just plain dumb, and he deserves all the attention coming his way.

Rightfully so, Akademiks never made his life any easier by sharing some really crazy things on his Instagram accounts and dropping names during his Twitch streams while playing Fortnite. Well, we hope he learns quickly from this situation that when someone he knows is involved with the Feds it would be wise for him to keep his mouth closed until the case is done.