Youtube/Twitch star DJ Akademiks reportedly has a baby on the way, according to his ex-girlfriend Celina Powell. Celina took to social media last week to spill the tea on the popular blogger.

According to Celina, Akademiks and his Instagram model girlfriend Angelica Ggx are expecting a child together. Celina, who used to date Akademiks, told her fans that she saw Angelica's sonogram pictures.

Celina also claims that Akademik's manager confirmed the pregnancy with her.

Here's Celina's video - where she makes the claims:

Angelica is from the Dominican Republic and is a pescatarian (no meat - just fish) who believes in fitness. She's an Instagram model and social media influencer who loves to promote Akademiks and is frequently seeing wearing his merchandise.

She released a bunch of very graphic pics on social media, some including full nudity, in the last year.

Akademiks and Angelica met in 2017 and quickly moved in together. She's featured in many of her boyfriend's videos. 


Here are some pics of her:

And here are some GRAPHIC pics of Akademiks new babys mother:

First EXPLICIT Pic of Angelica

Second EXPLICIT Pic of Angelica

Third EXPLICIT Pic of Angelica

In other Akademiks news, according to TMZ:

DJ Akademiks has been accused by another hip-hop blog of being the “snitch” in 6ix9ine’s crew ... but Akademiks tells TMZ it’s completely untrue.

He says he “has zero connection to this criminal case against Daniel Hernandez & other co-defendants. I view them as good people to me.” He adds ... “All these charges are a shock to me and do not involve me. I have never been questioned or much less cooperated in this. I am just a news reporter.”

The outlet accusing Akademiks of snitching claims to have gotten its info from the lawyer of Tekashi’s former manager, Kifano Jordan, aka Shotti. However ... Shotti’s lawyer, Scott Leemon, also denies the allegations.