Youtube Star Chris Sails Claims Child Star Parker McKenna . . . ABUSED HIM!!!

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Youtube star Chris Sails is now claiming that Parker McKenna abused him.

MTO broke the news last week that actress Parker McKenna, who starred on the show Everyone Hates Chris, was abused - and many believed that her abuser was her YouTube star boyfriend Chris Sails.

Well this weekend, Chris came out swinging, suggesting that it was HE who was being abused by Parker.

Chris took to Instagram Live to answer questions about the abuse allegations. Chris told his fans that Parker got the bruises on her arm, because Chris was "holding her down." He also claimed that he was "defending himself."

Chris clear suggestion is that he restrained Parker - who was attacking him.

Here are pics of Parker's injuries, that Chris gave her while "restraining" her:


Here is the video of Chris defending himself:

Sails, first dropped a song about the couple's toxic relationship…then he went on IG live, claiming bruises seen on Parker’s body were in “self-defense.” Chris said:

“I just hate when people look at me as this bad guy when I’m really not. People don’t really know the story. Little do ya’ll know, if her freaking arm was bruised, that means I was defending myself and trying to hold her down. It’s so much ya’ll don’t know. If she has a bruise on her arm, that means I was trying to hold her down from something and what do ya’ll think that is?”