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Youtube star Chris Sails claims he caught his girlfriend Savay, cheating on him with R&B singer Chris Brown.

Chris Sails made the explosive allegations against Savay on Wednesday evening - a claim which caught his millions of followers off guard.

Chris Sails became a famous Youtuber when he first started posting relationship videos with his then girlfriend, rapper Queen Naija. The couple had a son together, Christopher Jeremiah "CJ" Sails, but split up in 2017 after Chris had an affair with another woman.

The Youtuber now claims that he dumped his most recent girlfriend, Savay, after catching her secretly texting Chris Brown. The Youtube star believes that she and R&B Chris were also seeing each other - behind his back.

According to Chris Sails, Savay used to be in a relationship with the R&B singer. And Chris Breezy has been secretly texting with Savay for weeks!

Chris Sails explained, "If you're with me, you're not texting any [man]. . . . When you're in a relationship it's your job for you to no longer associate with anyone you used to mess with."

Here is Chris' side of things:

But Savay is claiming that she never "cheated."

She told her fans, "What explaining do I have to do? How am I a cheater?"

She added, "When Chris Brown was texting me, he was just checking up on me. I been knew [Chris Brown] before getting with Chris [Sails]."

"If you're cool with someone, you'll check in on them to see if they're goo. There's nothing wrong with that," explained Savay

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