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Youtube Dating Guru Kevin Samuels Accused Of 'Stealing' Young Married Woman!!

Kevin Samuels is one of most popular dating gurus on Youtube, and today he's going viral MTO News can report.

Kevin has a very unique style of offering dating advice. Much of his advice, which is aimed at Black women, centers around telling Black women they should lower their dating standards. According to Kevin, Black women have unrealistic expectations when it comes to dating.

But it's not Kevin's advice that has people talking, it's his new much younger girlfriend. Kevin, who is 55, posted new pics online suggesting that he's now dating a 29 year old IG model. 

He posted pics of her online:


So what's the problem? Well not too long ago, Kevin's new lady was all over IG with a man whom she claimed as her husband. The couple were raising a son together and putting out the image of being a happy Black family all over social media.


So many of Kevin's fans were surprised to see him on a date with the supposedly married woman. And some are asking whether Kevin "broke up" that woman's marriage.

Here's a sample of Kevin giving advice: