Youtube Couple De'arra and Ken BREAK UP . . . Ken Is Caught CHEATING!! (Details)

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One of the biggest couples on Youtube just broke up PUBLICLY. MTO News confirmed that De'arra and Ken from Youtube's DK4L have officially broke up. And the details are VERY messy.

De'arra, 22 years old, and Ken, 23 years old, have been together for years, and have a huge following, 4.4 million to be exact on YouTube. The couple's been on the red carpet at the BET Awards, they've even appeared in movies together, like Tyler Perry's Boo 2 movie, and gone on tour. They last posted a video together a "hot wings challenge" a month ago.

In a NYMag profile the couple was described as:

To their fans, they’re as beloved as Beyoncé and Jay-Z, except that you never get to see Beyoncé and Jay-Z try to put on 100 layers of clothes at once, or fill a giant balloon full of soda and Mentos, or just walk around a mall goofing off. That’s DK4L’s shtick: doing random things — but doing them together.


Well today is also De'arra's birthday, and she caught Ken cheating on her. Here's the video of her confronting him, and showing all the incriminating evidence.

There could have been trouble in the water because that same NYMag profile also gave a glimpse into how hard being in a relationship in the spotlight can be:

There was never a time when their relationship was wholly private, no time when they belonged only to themselves. When they were first hanging out — not quite dating yet, “just talking” — Walker had an iPhone, and Taylor immediately wore out the battery taking videos and pictures. He wasn’t big into social media back then: “I was kind of laid-back, real reserved.” But Taylor had always loved taking pictures and video, and she had a healthy following on Instagram.