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YoungBoy NBA: My Label Won't Let Me Have My Masters!!

YoungBoy NBA is trying to break free from his label, offering to give them his next four albums for free is he can have his masters afterward -- but his label turned him down.

"I said they can have the next 4 albums free all I want is my masters in still got told no," he wrote, most likely about his label, Atlantic Records. "Dirty game."

Back in May, YoungBoy revealed that he might retire from live performances.

"I ain't performed in so long," Youngboy said on live. "I think that was you who asked me that yesterday, am I out here to perform," he continued. "I told that n*gga, 'f*ck no. I really done made millions of dollars while being on house arrest. They done showed me that I could make millions of dollars by not going on stage and performing. Now I feel like, 'man, what the f*ck I gotta go on stage for in front of all them people?'" he asked.

Should the label let him buy his masters?