YoungBoy NBA's mom is has aired him out on social media claiming that the rapper has booted her out of the home that he purchased for her.

According to Sherhonda Gaulden, her son tried to lay down the law, and when she did not do what he said - he removed her from her new home.

"I ain't gon' keep letting you play with me like that. Kentrell got me a f*cking house, he'll get you a house and then if you don't do what he f*cking says, he'll get it took. I don't give a f*ck, you can have your house, b*tch. I'll go under the interstate. B*tch, I'll go sleep on a f*cking park bench."

While she did not say exactly what it was that the rapper wanted her to do, she did say that when she attempted to re-enter the home, he called the cops on her. She claims that her son is controlling.

Watch the clip below.