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YoungBoy NBA has made a shocking claim in a new song that his ex-girlfriend Janie gave him herpes!

The track called "Truth About Herpes," has surfaced online, and he claims that Jania gave him the incurable sexually transmitted infection.

"That ain't the truth when I hear what you saying/I got herpes and I gave it to Ni/To tell the truth that chick gave it to me," he raps on the track.

"Ni" being short for "Jania."

Of course, Jania was far from pleased by his confession and took to Instagram to set the record straight.

"I didn't give NOBODY SHIT!" she tweeted. "This lying sh*t getting OUT OF HAND and I'm sick of it. Anything for SALES I'm over it I DO NOT HAVE SH*T... I said it out of love playing along but nah f*ck that it was all a lie. Once I drop these papers stop talking to me bye."