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Young Thug's 7 Yr Old Daughter Threatens 2nd Grader On TikTok! ('Ur Daddy Gonna Die')


Rapper Young Thug's 7 year old daughter is quite a character. Yesterday, she got into beef with another girl - age 8. And Young Thug's daughter threatened the girl, saying that someone is gonna die over the beef.


It's not clear how the beef started, but Thugga's daughter told her rival, "When your daddy, your auntie, your mama, or your grandam dies - don't say anything."

The 7 year old was not specific on how her rival's family members would "die."


This isn't the first time that Thug's daughter got into trouble.

Last year, Young Thug - real name Jeffrey Lamar Williams - faced backlash after a video of his seven-year-old daughter driving went viral. The video shows Williams’ daughter driving behind the wheel of a car with her mother sitting in the passenger seat. 

In the video, Young Thug’s daughter sat on the edge of the seat while turning the steering wheel. The little girl’s mom referenced her daughter’s eagerness to drive as she recorded what she thought was a cute moment of her child driving.