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Young Thug Shouts Out Maid Who Returned His $10k

Young Thug shouted out his maid after she found $10,000 of his and did not keep it.

"My maid just [handed] me this," he said in a video showing off a stack of one hundred dollar bills.

"She said, 'I found this money about two months ago in your room. I just wanna know did you get it." He asked her where she found it and she told him she found it inside of his jeans. "I said, 'Where you put it?' [She said,] 'Under your bed.'"

"This when you a good n*gga, bruh. When you one thousand, you solid. Sh*t come right back. This lil' punk ass ten thousand, that ain't nothin', ten thousand, but, solid." 

If $10,000 was nothing, maybe Thugger should have let the maid keep the money as a reward for her honesty.


Would ya'll have returned the cash or would you have kept quiet about it and went on a spending spree?