Young Thug is not a fan of the term "clout chasing" and recently took to his Instagram to let his fans know that it's time to bury the phrase.

"Y'all n*ggas who firm believers in that 'clout chasing' word: Let me tell y'all buster asses something. N*gga, stop saying a n*gga clout chasing, that's some bullying sh*t. You really bullying a n*gga. Some n*ggas don't even be clout chasing," he ranted.

"Some n*ggas be inspired by sh*t they see. All that 'Aw, n*ggas wanna stand behind rappers.' This n*gga might look up to me, this n*gga might be inspired by me. The way I got-damn carry myself, n*gga. This n*gga wanna get some money, carry himself the same way."

Thugger then continued:

"Every n*gga running around saying clout chasing, y'all n*gga bitches," he said. "Clout chasing, that word gone. From now on, ain't no such thing as clout chasing. 'Cause I damn sure run behind JAY-Z but I damn sure ain't no clout chaser n*gga, I'm rich as a motherf*cker."

Is he right? Is it time to leave 'clout chasing' in the past?