If you mess with 21 Savage or Young Thug, expect to get raped. The two rappers went on social media yesterday and threatened their enemies with rape.

The rappers did not specify whether the "rape" threat was against male or female enemies - or both.

Here's what they posted online:


These social media posts are being met with outrage. Many rape non-profits are BLASTING the two rappers and calling for them to apologize.

Many who saw the "rape" post believed that the rappers were threatening males with s*xual assault - and not females.

21 Savage and Young Thug have both been plagued with gay rumors since the two men burst on the scene. Young Thug embraced the rumors - by wearing dresses and women's makeup.

21 Savage was hit with gay rumors two years ago, when a transgender leaked text message that she claimed were between her and the rapper. At the time 21 Savage denied any involvement with a transgender, but many suspected he was not being completely forthcoming.