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YOUNG MA'S Girlfriend DUMPED HER . . . For A MALE Rapper!!!


Last year, female rapper Young Ma was MADLY in love with Insta-model Tori Brixx. And there was talk that the two ladies may be getting married. But you can't TRUST THESE THOTS.

MTO News has learned that Young Ma's girlfriend DUMPED her - for a male rapper. Tori Brixx is now dating Rich The Kidd. And they're really open with it too.

Tori doesn't seem to care that according to Billboard, "Rich and his wife, Antonette Willis, are in the midst of a nasty divorce after Willis filed to get their marriage dissolved back in April. According to TMZ, Willis has since filed new documents, in which she claims the rapper violently attacked her multiple times in their marriage and forced her to terminate pregnancies." 

Here's a pic of the new couple, flossing their love on Instagram. Poor Young MA.


Even though Young Ma may have lost Tori, she's still having professional successes. MTO News reported recently that the New York rapper produced and directed her own P*RN movie...

The 26 year old, New York rapper produced and directed her first movie, entitled "The Gift". In addition to directing and producing the film, Young M.A. did the soundtrack for the film also.

The "film" is a part of the first of the porn streaming site’s new series, called "The Visionaries Directors’ Club." It's a new series, which is "suggested to feature original pornographic films in an effort to diversify porn production and help create more varied content, while paying close attention to P*rnhub’s female audience."

The film shows a series of ALL GIRL scenes. And so far it's getting great reviews.

The film can exclusively be seen on the website P*rn Hub.

Young M.A. said about her film,“It’s different,” she says in the behind-the-scenes video below. “I like it, it’s making me want to get more involved in directing things.”