Rapper YOUNG JOC Is Photo'd Sending Off His ELDEST SON . . . To His HIGH SCHOOL PROM!!! (His Son Is HANDSOME)

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Rapper Yung Joc made sure to see his firstborn off on his high school prom. The young man looked very handsome.

Joc also shared a picture of his on standing beside his prom date.

Yung Joc has multiple kids and baby mamas. During the first series of the show, we met them all on Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, and we all saw that Joc was very active in his children's lives. He was also embroiled in an on again off again relationship with Karlie Redd (who isn't?)

"I think with Karlie…Karlie is an opportunist. I’m not mad at that, I’m an opportunist. I see an opportunity where I don’t have to sell my soul, or degrade myself or throw my integrity out the window, I’m cool... The problem with Karlie is she’s quick to take shots at me. She’s quick to dish out negativity at me. She’ll say, ‘I made you!’ …like what are you talking about? It’s like if she gets mad, she always wants to tell people, ‘you never love me for me.’ Like Karlie, I helped keep you in a position.”

He told Rolling Out. With the show having returned to our screens, it'll be interesting to see whether he can avoid the Karlie trap.