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Southern rapper Young Jeezy was really in the giving mood, helping a family of 16 after their house burned down.

The rapper from Georgia served Thanksgiving dinner to the Marietta family who lost their home to a fire and then he promised to help them with housing. A fire broke out in Nov. 19. The parents of the family had just welcomed their newest addition, a baby girl, home to the her siblings.

Yesterday, Jeezy treated the family to a catered Thanksgiving meal in a bid to help them rebuild.

“Being a part of the community. We’re all we got. So we’re consistently looking out for each other. That’s what Atlanta’s all about," he told WSB-TV.

A crowdfunding website has been set up to raise $35,000 for the family to help them rebuild. The page also lists clothing sizes of the family members so that the public can donate clothing, as everything was lost.

"We NEED YOUR Help!!! At the school where we work, there is a family of 14 Children that just suffered from a devastating House Fire in the middle of the night earlier this week and on the same day, Mom & Dad welcomed their 14th child into the world! All 16 of the Natt Family members made it out safely - even while Dad rushed back into the house in complete darkness to get the infant that he only heard through a whence. After escaping by an inch of their lives, the house burned completely down & the door melted! But God!!! Mom and her Newborn baby spent a few hours at Scottish Rites Hospital in Atlanta, Ga. The Red Cross is assisting them with immediate housing for the next few days and that's helpful but, it's just NOT enough!!!" said the page.

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