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More details from the Young Dro assault incident. His girlfriend is now claiming that on the night of the banana pudding attack, Dro punched her hard enough to leave a bruise and slashed her furniture.

According to TMZ, Dro and his girlfriend started fighting in the bedroom, when he punched her so hard that it left a bruise. The report continues that later while she was eating dessert on the sofa Dro smashed the plate of banana pudding in her face, grabbed a kitchen knife, and started shredding her furniture.

As previously reported, when the cops arrived, his girlfriend did not want to press charges, but the police went ahead and charged him anyway - most likely because of the bruising. Dro told police that it was not a bruise - it was a birthmark!!!

Dro's girlfriend also reportedly told the cops that he has a drug problem and needs help. Dro allegedly takes Xanax, Ecstasy, Albuterol, Molly, Percocet - which makes him violent.