Rapper Young Dolph hopped on Twitter to announce that he has signed several record deals since 2015, before apologizing to his fellow artists.

In a series of tweets, Dolph, frustrated with his current label situation, let rip:


"The record label been bushittin. They want let me drop any new music. I KNEW I SHOULDVE NEVER SIGNED THIS FUKIN DEAL," Dolph wrote. "I have a confession. I signed 2 deals in 2018 and signed a deal in 2015.......... so now that it’s out that I’m not some big independent supastar, and I’ve signed 4 deals like everyone else. I wonder if all the rappers gonna stop hatin now. Sorry for sh*ttin on u guys knowing dam well i got a Major deal‍."


Fans were shocked. Dolph has always claimed that he rose to success without the support of a major behind him. Just last year, he claimed that he walked away from a deal worth $22 million to remain independent.

He did announce last year that he had signed a partnership deal with EMPIRE but no majors before then.