Atlanta Gang Orders Young Chop To Leave City In 24 Hrs - He LAUGHS!!

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A few Atlanta goons issued rapper Young Chop an ultimatum to leave Atlanta within 24 hours -- and he responded by dismissing the threat.

Chop will not be leaving the city.

"Me and my partners, we all had a talk and I ain't gonna lie, Young Chop, you can't be in the city no more bro. The rest of the Eastside, we bannin' you out of this city. You're doing too much and you don't think we're gonna take a stand? I'm gonna tell you something right now, I don't give a f*ck where you're from … we're gonna give you 24 hours to get out the city … since you wanna go viral so bad, we gonna make you go viral," a man says in the video.

His face is seen clearly as he speaks directly into the camera.

Chop invited the man to "pull up."