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A transgender claiming to be rapper Young Buck's mistress just released a new song - it's a remix to the Young Buck song Shorty Wanna Ride.

The transgender, GlamourPerfeck, released the remix yesterday - and it's going viral on social media.

Here's the track, which refers to Young Buck multiple times:

Last fall a viral video posted online purported to show G-Unit member Young Buck involved in a sexual act with GlamourPerfeck, a transgender woman.

Initially, the Nashville MC took to Instagram to clear the air. “Let me address this real fast real quick … ain’t sh*t gay about me,” he said.

But GlamourPerfeck blew up Buck's denial. She released audio of her and Buck having an intimate telephone conversation.

Now she's capitalizing on her association with the former G-Unit rapper. She remixed one of Young Buck's most popular hit songs.

Wait until 50 Cent learns about this . . . oh brother!!!


In fact, 50 has already learned about this and here's what HotNewHipHop reported:

The in-fighting between G-Unit, a once mighty trifecta, has reached critical mass. While Lloyd Banks has opted to watch this one unfold from the shadows, Young Buck and 50 Cent have since engaged in public warfare. As with many of 50’s post-music-career feuds, this one originated on Instagram, after 50 mocked Young Buck’s rumored relationship with a transgender woman. “I told him his personal choice to date a transexual will confuse some of his core audience but with the support of the LGBT he should be fine," wrote 50, in a since-deleted Instagram post. Ostensibly a message of support, one must question the source from whence it came; a rough translation finds this one dripping with condescension.

Buck certainly interpreted 50’s message as such, taking to Instagram Live to air out some of his grievances. While his seating partner did their best to avoid peering into the phone, Buck let fly several belittling threats in 50’s direction.