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Young Buck has released a second 50 Cent diss track in a week, in which he implies that 50's ex-girlfriend Vivica Fox inserted objects into his BOOTY!!!

"The Story of Foofy" uses JAY-Z's "The Story of O.J.," instrumental as he goes at the G-Unit boss, who has been flaming Buck with a slew of transphobic posts on social media.

"Tour bus full of choppas, you open up the doors / Looking at me like 'Damn Buck, this sh*t is yours?/ I'm looking at you like 'Damn Foofy this sh*t is war'/Can't let these n*ggas shoot me like they done to you before / Let Vivica come answer all this trivia, bout all the different things she put into ya." Buck raps.

He also mentions former G-Unit affiliate, Kidd Kidd:

"OK, let's make them think they owe me when I'm really lonely / My story phony, man, come and think they really miss my homies / This is what you did to Kidd Kidd / This for my n*gga Crippy while he doing his bid."

50 better get in that booth!!

Listen to the diss track below: