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Young Buck Disses Juvenvile In New Track

Young Buck reveals a preview of his upcoming single where he appears to be aiming for Cash Money rapper, Juvenile.

On the "Enough Is Enough" clip, Buck ends the clip just as he's about to rip into Juvenile.

"Death never bothered me. Kingpins fathered me. Goons never gobbled me/N*ggas been tried to slaughter me/B*tches been tryna holler at me/Born in the trap way before rap Buck been silent, G/You should be proud of me/Never had a b*tch bone in my body never hurt I got it free," he raps.

"D-Tay I'm sorry that you broke n*gga why you hot at me/Cook-Up I know you thinking this is where you ought to be/But every post you put up and say my name you people follow me/Hey Juvenile, you a hater/Oh now you speaking 20 years later," he says referring to Juvenile's interviews with VladTV.

During a recent interview with Vlad, Juvenile called Buck a "b*tch ass n*gga."