Young Buck Denies Owing 50 Cent Money

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Former G-Unit rapper Young Buck sat down to chop it up with DJ Paul following his recent release from jail -- and the rapper denies owing 50 Cent any money.

According to Buck, he paid 50 $150,000 of a $300,000 debt, but he says 50 kept raising the amount of debt he owed.

"Homie claimed that I had owed him and sh*t, all of that bullsh*t. I know I don't owe n*gga but even me at a point of time, Paul, I got to the place where I was like, you know what, I just want to get the work, f*ck it, I'll pay him. So I even got to a point where I even tried to pay the n*gga."

He also admitted that he did file for bankruptcy, partly to avoid having to hand over any more of his hard-earned coins to Fif.

"I done filed bankruptcy before in my career, I'll do it again," Buck continued. "I didn't file no bankruptcy, technically, to get out the contract. I filed the bankruptcy to be like 'Look, if I owe you n*gga, show me what I owe you.'"

Peep the interview below.