Young Buck: 50 Cent Didn't Want G-Unit To Be As Big As Him

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Young Buck has opened up about his past with 50 Cent, and the rapper says that despite all of his claims -- 50 did not want the other members of G-Unit to become as big as him.

Fif has always claimed to be disappointed in the trajectory of G-Unit's careers -- but Buck says it's simply not true.

 "Name one episode you seen me come out on Power, but I was there in the making of the sh*t in every kind of way -- Out of all these films, I was the one, 'Yo 50, why don't you go make a movie?'" said Buck.

"At the same time, you'd get on the radio station and talk about how motherf*ckers is not doin' what they need to be doin' to get they own selves together, but you're the boss. What I'm saying is that, you know, 50, I think, Imma just be honest, it seems like, wouldn't allow nobody to become just as big as him or bigger than him. Honestly."

Peep the interview below.