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You Remember LIL SOPHIE From The Disney Show CORY IN THE HOUSE . . . Well She Went To PROM THIS WEEKEND!! (PICS)

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For all of you youngsters, or folks with kids, you'll remember little Sophie from the show CORY IN THE HOUSE. Well Sophie is growing up fast. The actress' real name is Madison Pettis, and she attended PROM this weekend. Word is that her date was fellow entertainer Kalin White.

Just a few weeks ago, she was asking her followers who should she take to prom, and trying on a couple of different looks to rock. We think the purple-hued plunger she chose was a good choice (an ode to PRINCE, perhaps).

Just in case you're trying to place Kalin, he was part of that musical duo, Kalin and Myles, until last month.

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Her date was Kalin White:

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