YOU BIG DUMMYS!!! Robbers LIVESTREAM Themselves . . . After Pulling Off MASSIVE Bank Robbery!! (They're On The Gram STUNTING With The Stolen $$)


Last month a group of sophisticated bank robbers pulle doff a Hollywood-style bank heist. The robbers spent months building a tunnel underneath a bank - and robbed it.

The entire incident occurred in Kenya - and it was seen as one of the biggest bank robberies in all of Africa. The banks was located opposite a police station and the robbers got away with the equivalent of half a million dollars.

But less than a month later, police caught the robers. Cause they SNITCHED on themselves on social media.

Police said they had arrested two men and one woman over the robbery but had not recovered the 50 million Kenyan shillings, reported missing by staff at the branch of Kenya Commercial Bank (KCB) on Monday when they showed up to work.

“We have not recovered the stolen money,” said Simba Willy, sub-county police commander in the town of Thika, northeast of Nairobi, where the heist took place.

After tunneling 30 meters to Bank Safe and clearing it of cash $486k. This gang member couldn't help herself and posted many videos with the cash to social medias. Got busted along with half the money so far.