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Rapper Yo Gotti is trending online after his knee caught on stage mid-performance.

Gotti was performing his hit song, "Rake It Up" when he placed his foot on top of a speaker, which burst into flames. Gotti continued to perform, walking up and down the stage, trying to put the flames out. A member of his team ran onto the stage and outed the fire with a towel.

Fans had mixed reactions to the video footage.

"Yo Gotti pants legit just caught on fire on stage and he kept on performing asddsasd #TIDALXYoGotti I didn't believe it at first. I thought Tidal got fancy with special effects," one fan tweeted.

Another wrote: "Y'all seen yo gotti catch on fire on stage and kept performing like it didn't phase him ? lol"

"Find your chill in life like Yo Gotti brushing this fire off his pants," another fan commented.

Would you have been so chill if your pants were on fire?