YNW Melly Reportedly Given Gatorade By Prison To Treat Coronavirus


YNW Melly is reportedly being given Gatorade in prison to help treat his coronavirus infection.

TMZ reports that the rapper is still suffering from several of the symptoms of the virus, including "labored breathing, body aches and headaches" and "a high temperature and chills, particularly at night."

Melly, who was denied emergency release from jail, is being treated for COVID-19 with sports drink Gatorade and Tylenol.

The rapper has been isolated from his cellmate, who also tested positive for the virus, but the outlet reports that jail staffers are not checking on him every hour as they are required to.

An attorney for the Florida rapper filed an emergency motion for release for medical care on April 6. News that Melly had contracted the virus was announced on April 2.

Melly is currently awaiting trial in a Broward County jail after being charged with two counts of first-degree murder over the deaths of affiliates YNW Juvy and YNW Sakchaser. Cops say that he shot his friends and then publicly mourned their deaths as a cover.