Just days after his arrest for the shooting deaths of two of his friends, YNW Melly has released the visual to his song, "Mama Cry," where he appears to predict his incarceration.

In the video, YNW is doing a bid on prison and comforts his distraught mother, telling her that he will be home soon.

"Mama please don't you cry, I'm sorry/I just caught some time, I'll be home soon/ It won't be long, I promise/I will be okay, just wipe those/Tears off of your face, I'm sorry/I won't right my wrongs, I'm guilty/Lord have mercy, please forgive me/Mama please don't you cry, I'm sorry."

The rapper turned himself into the police last week after being charged with two counts of murder for the shooting murders of 21-year-old Anthony Williams and 19-year-old Christopher Thomas Jr back in October.

Following their deaths, YNW publicly mourned them.

Watch the video below.