YNW Bortlen's Attorney: Melly Fans Thinking He’s Getting Released Are Beyond Delusional!!

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John M. Phillips, the attorney of YNW Melly's co-defendant, YNW Bortlen cays that Melly's fans are "delusional" if they think the rapper is getting released.

"The Melly fans thinking he's getting released are beyond delusional. He's not getting released unless a jury says so and there is evidence he killed these young men in cold blood. Whether you like his music or not, these families deserve justice," the lawman tweeted.

Melly and Bortlen were arrested in February 2019 and charged with two counts of first-degree murder. Bortlen was also charged with two counts of accessory after the fact. 

YNW Melly hopped on Instagram to post a message of support to his associate.

"My brudda bout to jump ❤️🌎 @ynw.bortlen 🤞🏾 I'll be home soon 🥶🙏🏾," he posted alongside a picture of both their mugshots.

Bortlen was released on a $75,000 and placed on house arrest until his trial begins this summer.