YK Osiris Responds To Tekashi 6ix9ine's Billboard Shaming

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YK Osiris was one of the rappers Tekashi 6ix9ine tried to shame for not racking up a number one single -- YK says 6ix9ine can never be nominated for a Grammy.

"Can you get nominated for a Grammy? You gotta stop, my brotha. If you so number one, why you ain't nominated for a BET Award? If you gon' talk about being number one, talk about you being happy my n*gga like, like n*gga you still a clown bruh like that don't make you like 100%," he says on Live.

 He continued, "I don't care bout no Instagram, y'all mind so delusional. I'm never trash, never that and I don't gotta explain myself 'cause all y'all do is ride waves."

His response was to 6ix9ine saying the following to him:

"Listen Osiris, we all know you not on my level -- 1. I don't wanna give you that amount of clout -- Look the only reason I don't do it to you right now is coz you believe in God and I like you 'cause of that."