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YIKES!!! R&B Singer Kehlani Has A LOT OF BODY HAIR . . . She Linda Looks . . . Like A WEREWOLF!! (PIC)


Kehlani was spotted out last night in Los Angeles wearing a see-thru top, and red plaid pants was seen leaving ‘Delilah’ Nightclub in West Hollywood.

Kehlani had a little peach fuzz on her belly, as some women do – but she still looked fabulous.

Kehlani performed alongside Eminem at the iheart awards, and their performance is being praised by fans and critics alike for their stance on gun laws in the US. They performed their collab “Nowhere Fast” which is taken off Em’s Revival album. The Detroit rapper blasts the NRA in the song.

‘This whole country is going nuts / And the NRA is in our way / They’re responsible for this whole production / They hold the strings, they control the puppet.”

The 22-year-old singer recently sat down with Kehlani for a reflective interview.

“If I hadn’t got prepared to get so many no’s, and to be closed on so many times, I wouldn’t be able to appreciate all the heavy, heavy, great things that happened,” she says speaking on the past few years. “Having a great time and living your dream and then it being crushed due to morality issues is heartbreaking.”

Considering her intense year, we can imagine that hair removal would be way down on her list of priorities. Take a look at the new snaps, werewolf or nah?