Rapper YG and R&B songstress Kehlani have been all over the news lately, since they came out as a couple three weeks ago.

Well, according to a TOP music industry insider - their relationship is "completely made  up for PR [public relations]."

The insider, who claims to have first hand information on the matter, told MTO News, "YG and Kehlani are together for press. Kehlani's music [sales] took a big hit when she came out as LGBT. She's trying to change all that by faking a relationship with YG."

In 2017, Kehlani came out as "queer" and posted pictures of her girlfriend, New Jersey artist Shaina Negron. Her popularity quickly took a hit, and she was no longer considered one of the top R&B artists - less than a year after the revelation.

The insider adds, "I think Kehlani is a straight lesbian. That won't work for her fans, so she's in a 'relationship' with YG."

And as for YG. The insider claims that the rapper is just in it for the clout. The entertainment big shot told MTO News, "YG is still with his baby's mother. The two just had a baby this summer. He didn't go anywhere."

Here's YG and Kehlani together last night - the chemistry does look a little off between them:


YG and Kehlani real?