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YG is making headlines after he kicked a fan off stage after he refused to say "f*ck Donald Trump."

YG's disdian for Trump is well documented, but this fan refused to give up their allegiance to their beloved president, despite the pressure from the rapper and the crowd.

"Listen, I spotted you out in the crowd. I asked you if you f*cked with Donald Trump, you said, 'You don't know." So, since you don't know, I need you to make up your mind tonight," he told the fan.

The rapper then asked the fan to yell "f*ck Donald Trump!" but the fan refused, so YG told him to get off the stage.

"Get his ass outta here! Get him off the stage. F*ck up outta here. He a Donald Trump supporter. Get his ass up outta here," YG yelled as the crowd cheered him on.

Watch the clip below.