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Nipsey Hussle's funeral was held today at the Staples Center is Los Angeles, and it was a moving and wonderful event.

But one of the speakers at Nipsey's funeral - rapper YG - is facing a backlash for a comment he made during his eulogy of the fallen rapper/activist.

YG went on a long and expletive filled eulogy of his friend. And during the speech, YG said that he and the late Nipsey were "Raising Some Light Skin Pretty Girls."

Many people at the event, and online, are offended by YG's remark. Some are calling his words "colorist."

Here is the video - comment is @ :45

Folks on social media are blasting YG for his comments. Here are some comments taken from the BET Facebook page, which Livestreamed the entire event:

He is a blatant ignorant colorist

Disgusted by his comments but not shocked at all

That f*cking ignorant ass yuck mouth. Nipsey daughter has a beautiful brown skin complexion, she’s not even light skin. Dusty ass bum. He makes me sick. 

So disrespectful he a damn fool.

YG is currently trending on social media - and NOT in a good way.