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YFN Lucci's Bond May Be Revoked After Visits To Strip Clubs!!

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YFN Lucci may be following YNW Bortlen's lead and heading back to jail over bond violations.

According to TMZ, Lucci may have violated his bond after visiting the strip club. The prosecution alleges that it is the very same strip club that the alleged gang-related shooting happened that landed Lucci behind bars. 


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The cops also think the rapper tampered with his monitoring system so that he could violate his bond. They say that the equipment is missing data or that it showed irregular pieces of data for long periods of time. 

He also tested positive for marijuana and opiates in a drug test which is also a violation. The cops now want him back in jail.

YFN Lucci's attorney Drew Findling argued against the claims.

"This attempt to revoke his bond is without merit and is replete with factual and legal inaccuracies," he told TMZ. "We will zealously fight this motion as we will with every aspect of this legally flawed prosecution."