YesJulz is facing the wrath of Twitter once again after she made a tone-deaf comment about her "ancestors."

Julz was promoting a pop-up party when a Black follow replied to her tweet with "Wherever it is I’m coming starting a fight and getting it shut down!" 

That's when Julz (who insists that she isn't white) decided to respond to his tweet with "Good luck babes! My ancestors will always have our backs!"

The tweet has since been deleted.

In isolation, the comment may not seem too controversial, but Julz has a history of making racially insensitive comments, and most recently, trended online for days after she made offensive remarks about Scottie Beam and Karen Civil.

Well, Twitter never holds back when it comes to getting the social media influencer/ talent manager in line - and wasted no time in checking her:

Did Julz cross the line once again, or is Twitter reaching?

Check out her comments below on Scottie Beam and Karen Civil if you haven't already.