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Rock band Yellowcard has decided to continue with its lawsuit against rapper Juice WRLD despite the fact that he recently passed away after overdosing at a Chicago airport.

According to XXL magazine, the rapper's estate has until Feb. 4, 2020, to respond.

Yellowcard sued Juice WRLD for copyright infringement in October, after claiming that his hit song "Lucid Dreams" stole the melody from their song, "Holly Wood Died."

"It has been falsely reported that Yellowcard is demanding a specific amount of damages," a rep reportedly said of the claims that they were suing for $15 million. "They are simply seeking what the law allows, and what parties in their position have sought in similar cases, which at this point is not determined."

The rep continued, "My clients are certainly torn about proceeding, and understand the optics involved. But it is important to remember that this lawsuit was filed before this tragic event, and was filed because all of the defendants (and there are 2 other writers and several music publishers and record labels), profited off of what we believe was clear copying and infringement of Yellowcard's work."