YEEZY THE DRUNK???? Kanye West Got BLACK OUT DRUNK In The Airport . . . PASSED OUT All By Himself . . . With All HIS JEWELRY AND HIS YEEZY'S On!! (Does Kanye Have A PROBLEM??)


Something is going on with Kanye - he's acting really reckless. In light of everything that happened to Prince, Michael, and Whitney - we hope Kanye's OKAY. obtained pictures taken the day before Kanye West was in Vail with the Kardashian family - this April. And Kanye was NOT looking good.

The below images weer taken at 10PM inside LAX airport on April 7th. Kanye arrived at the airport lounge, and was intoxicated according to nearby passenger. Yeezy was so out of it that he laid on a couch and immediately fell fast asleep. He had NO security with him. And the rapper was wearing a $50K CHAIN . . . a $45K watch . .. and a $4,000 pair of one of a kind Yeezy's.

A few minutes, a hostess arrived and woke Kanye to bring him in the VIP lounge.

The next day, above, Kanye was photo'd in Vail wearing the EXACT same outfit.