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MTO News reported yesterday that rapper YBN Almighty Jay was beaten and robbed in New York. Well the robbers cut his face badly.

During the attack someone pulled a razor and sliced the rappers face. Doctors had to use more than 300 stitches to close the wound. MTO News learned that the cut was so deep, that doctors had top use two layer suturing - which involves stitching the wound internally - at a deeper level of a tissue followed by another layer of suturing at the surface.

It look slick they did a good job closing up the wound.

According to YBN Almighty Jay's people, they used a special plastic surgeon that is familiar with Black skin. So they don't expect a big scar to be left.

According to reports, the fight erupted outside a Saks store...the 19-year-old rapper was shopping with his pals when another up-and-coming young rapper, named Lil Tjay, walked in with his squad. Witnesses say both sides started squawking, and then it got physical.

The fight spilled out into the street and, at first, it looked like Almighty Jay's side was holding their own. Later, though ... Jay got separated from his homies and you see him getting kicked HARD in the head by at least 2 guys.

Here's the before pic:

And here's video of him after the cut was closed: