Police are investigating the theft of Treyway rapper, Skinnyfromthe9's jewelry, and cash - and it is reported that YBN Almighty Jay is their main suspect.

According to TMZ, the incident reportedly took place on Valentine's Day in Chatsworth, CA, where both rappers were recording music videos. 

Skinny was robbed of a $40,000 chain, $20,000 Rolex and $20,000 in cash - and it was all caught on camera.

In the surveillance video, it appears to show Almighty Jay and a few homies in the vicinity as Skinny is seen next to an SUV. The group then rushes Skinny's SUV before tussling and then they all run back into a vehicle which appeared to be on standby.

This comes just over a week after Skinny claimed that Zoey Dollaz attempted to jump him at L.A.'s Paramount Studios. 

"Noey Dollas fat ass don't want no problems. He tryna record sh*t for clout cause his career a dub. I said wassup bruh he ain't want no problems Y'all fat ass n*ggas tried to jump me Cause n*ggas know my hands RIGHT," Skinny boasted on social media following the incident.

Skinny's career is straight out of the Treyway handbook. This isn't going to end well for him. He needs to take a lesson or two from his labelmate, Tekashi.