Yaya Mayweather Pulls Out A GUN On New TikTok Video!!


Floyd Mayweather's daughter Yaya Mayweather is currently facing 99 years in prison, for allegedly stabbing her ex-boyfriend NBA Youngboy's baby mama. Despite that fact, she posted a controversial TikTok video yesterday online where she pulls out a gun and pretends to shoot.


Some thought the video was in poor taste considering her pending criminal case or at least bad timing. But in addition to being the daughter to the greatest boxer in history, Yaya Mayweather is also a rapper and social media personality with over 1 million followers on Instagram. In 2018 she released the music video of her song ‘Oh Okay Remix’ on ‘YouTube’ which received mixed reviews.

Outside of her currently legal issues, Iyanna Mayweather commonly referred to as "Yaya" is known for her lavish lifestyle, in particular the expensive gifts she receives on her birthday, even to date. According to Iyanna, she is spoiled by her father.

Iyanna is the daughter of American boxing legend Floyd Mayweather, Jr. and his former girlfriend, Melissa Brim. Melissa owns a boutique in Las Vegas.

The couple has been in an on-and-off relationship. Floyd thoroughly supported Melissa in raising Yaya and even bought a house for her and gifted her one of his cars. In 2009, Floyd helped Melissa in setting up her boutique shop in Las Vegas. She named her business venture ‘Devanna Love Boutique.’ The name has parts of the names of both her children.

Back in April, Yaya was arrested for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon earlier this month after charging at Lapattra with knives. The two were reportedly fighting over the rap star after Yaya saw Lapattra at his home. The two got into a heated argument and things turned physical. Yaya grabbed knives from Youngboy’s home and charged at Lapattra. She began stabbing her over and over again. Lapattra’s stab wounds were so severe that she was laying on the floor when EMT’s arrived and had to be taken to the hospital immediately. Yaya claimed it was an act of self-defense after Lapattra pulled her hair.

Now, the state of Texas has ordered Lapattra’s medical records to be included in the upcoming court case against Yaya. This will include photographs of the wounds, x-rays, lab reports and other things that can be used as evidence against Yaya. All in all, the outlook is not looking too good for Yaya. This could increase her prison sentence she could be looking at which was already 99 years.