Yandy Smith Addresses Arrest With Porsha Williams: Late Friends Turned Great Friends

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Last week, Yandy Smith and Porsha Williams were arrested again during a Breonna Taylor protest -- and she took to Instagram to post a warm tribute to the Real Housewives of Atlanta star.

"When the police surrounded us. I looked to my left and didn't see @porsha4real. I felt like my other half in the fight was gone," she wrote alongside a picture of the two of them sitting together. "5 mins before they arrested me she appeared and said you think I'd leave you to face this with out me? Never we're sisters. (She just went to give her phone to her assistant and came right back). My ace! My neighbor! My boothang! My All Hands on Deck Partner...I love you. Late friends turned great friends 💕💕💕"

Both reality television stars have been traveling the country to take part in nationwide protests and have been arrested at least twice.