We Got EXCLUSIVE PICS Of Rapper FLO RIDA'S New BABYS MAMA . . . And His New Baby . . . Who Was Born With WATER IN HIS BRAIN!!!


Flo Rida was just sued by his new baby's mother Alexis Adams. Alexis and Flo Rida had a baby this past September named Zohar - and there were complications with his birth.

The young man - who looks JUST LIKE HIS DAD - was born with water in his brain. He's a tough lil guy, and he seems to be fighting through it. But he needs prayer.

Alexis is going to court to get the financial support she needs for Zohar since she claims Flo Rida isn't paying up. DNA tests prove that it's 99.99% that he is the little boy's dad.

Here are some images of Flo Rida's son Zohar and his baby's mama.

Here's video of her: